Advice to increase the productivity of mother and father

Advice to increase the productivity of mother and father

Sometimes, to reconcile motherhood with work is an impossible task. Not only because the conciliation politics of our companies and the schedules make it difficult but also for the infinite number of tasks posed along the day. Take care of children, go to work, go shopping, arrange every at home. Even though the weight of the day is shared by the partner, sometimes there are many things to do and little time, so it is normal to get stressful. If it is the case, do not worry, nowadays there are many services that can make some tasks easy. We will tell you more about these solutions which will help you manage your time well so you can reconcile your everyday obligations better and have some extra time to rest.

1.-Organize your priorities.

 Instead of getting stressed thinking about all the tasks that you have to perform along the day, try to take them out of your head by writing them on paper. Make a list of two columns: one for the priorities and the other for less urgent matters. Make sure the first column is erased. It is a good way of getting organized and take better advantage of your time. Another advice: Use your smartphone to note down the important appointments with an alarm to alert you. Nowadays, the new technologies give you many facilities.

2.-Go shopping online.

Time is gold, so we recommend you to go shopping online. Nowadays, almost all stores have an online platform, so turn on your computer, make a list with everything you need to buy and ask for it. Easy and quick, you will not have to leave the sofa.

3.-Share the home chores.

Remember that you do not have to carry with the home chores by yourself, your partner should also participate. Do not forget about your children also, they contribute too. Something that is very useful is to hang a weekly table on your refrigerator and write down who does every task every day: set the table, take out the garbage, wash the dishes, etc. Make sure your kids do their tasks.

4.-Plan your weekly menus.

Every Sunday, take a few minutes to plan your weekly menu, mainly lunches and dinners. So you will save time thinking about what are you going to cook every day and avoid unnecessary expenses, since you will buy only the ingredients that you need exactly.

5.-Turn off the cellphone when you get home.

Forget about calls, whatsapp or mails when you get home. We are not aware of the wasted time and the bad example we give our children when we take the cellphone all the time. Establish one norm: Once you get home have 10 minutes to answer the messages or make the appropriate phone calls and ¡disconnect your cellphone! It is a good way to preserve a good family environment and avoid distractions.

6.-Establish a routine for your children.

It is very important for the children to establish certain habits and respect for schedules. It will also help them to get more organized and take more advantage of the time.

Establish fixed schedules for the meals of the day, do their homework, play or do school activities. Of course, it is also important that they go to sleep at the same time so they and you will rest and take more advantage of the day.

7.-Ask for help if you need it.

There are times when for lack of time we are not able to do everything. Instead of getting stressed trying to me the days longer try to ask for help.  A nanny, a member of the family or friend to take the children to school, a private teacher to help them with the homework or hire an assistant to do the home chores. Try not to always be the supermom and learn how to delegate. It is not bad to ask for help, all the opposite, it will let you have more free time and dedicate it to your children. Speak with them, exchange opinions and do something fun with them.

We hope this simple advice will help you get organized and have more time for what is really important which is to take care of your children and yourself so you can bring more quality time with a happy and complete feeling.

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