Can you travel during pregnancy?

Can you travel during pregnancy?

During pregnancy it is logical for future mothers to have doubts about when, how and where it is recommended to travel whether it is to go on vacation, a quick trip during the weekend or a business trip. We give you some advice to consider before you travel.

Can you travel during pregnancy? Is maybe one of the questions that all future mothers ask. With the exception of risky pregnancies, the answer is yes, but it is important to consider some guidelines that you should take into account before you travel. To travel  during pregnancy it is important to be aware of your condition since it will be decisive in order to take one decision or the other.

Before leaving home…First make a previous small balance before setting of on a trip and think about everything. Second, you should keep your doctor informed about all the trips you are going to take no matter how small they seem and listen to all the advice and if you are under any kind of treatment you should take the prescription with you when necessary.  Finally, study the area where you are going to stay and write the name and address of all medical facilities near your destiny in case you have to attend an emergency. Here you have a video with the best advice.

Choose your destiny taking precautions.  

You can choose a longer destiny during the first months, but it is not advisable at the beginning of the seventh month. Six weeks to be due to give birth make sure not to move away more than two hours of trip from the place of birth and choose destinies where you do not have to expose yourself to too much sun.

Most of the future mothers suffer from heat which increases perspiration and favor the dilation of the blood vessels and they also suffer from heavy legs as well as the apparition of stretch marks, even with the use of appropriate moisturizing. And of course we should not forget the possibility that for the effects of the sun you could suffer from pregnancy spots, so it is very important to be aware of these facts.

We recommend you to give priority to places near the ocean. Swimming is the ideal sport for pregnant women as well as walking.

A very comfortable trip. The above mentioned advice is for you to make sure of a safe trip and avoid unnecessary frights (such as possible abortion or premature birth). But the most important matter is the means of transportation to be used.

If you travel by car you can drive if you wish but if you do not drive you have to seat at the back of the car and wear your safety belt under the belly (there are also special belts for pregnant women). Seating during a long time being pregnant is very exhausting so it is advisable to stop every two hours. If you can we recommend you to travel through fast routes instead of secondary ones. Another means of advisable transportation for pregnant women is the train, but if you travel alone carry a light luggage.

Another means of transportation most used and which many times according to your destiny is the only one is the plane. If it is a long distance trip you will have to ask the company if they let you travel pregnant.

We recommend you to avoid being seated for a long time, you should stand up and walk to reduce circulation problems. We also recommend you to moisturize frequently and drink one liter of water every five hours of flight. The plane is without doubt the means of transportation less abrupt and more comfortable but it is no advisable for a long trip beginning the seventh month of pregnancy. We recommend you to take a medical certificate with the assuming date of birth since for many flight companies it is a very important requirement to take the plane.

Finally, it is not prohibited to travel by ship but is very careless to start a cruise trip far from a hospital.

Have you taken note? It is advisable to take with you books for mothers where you will find a lot of advice to entertain yourself during the trip or vacations. Happy trip!

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