Changes in your brain when you are pregnant

Changes in your brain when you are pregnant

When we become mothers we go through a total transformation which includes some changes in our bodies, our interests, our way of thinking, our routine, our life style and our brain so without doubt is a total transformation.

A new study found a reason why this happens: to create a closer bond with the baby. In a study made by the University of Toronto published in the Magazine Child Development with the participation of 39 women between 22 and 39 years old on which the brain activity was analyzed through electroencephalograms in top opportunities: during the third last period of pregnancy and subsequently between the three and five months after giving birth.

In both opportunities 40 pictures of happy and sad faces of babies and adults were shown. Also in both opportunities women should report if they had anxiety or depression while in the second inspection they should answer about their relationship with their babies now.

Having the result of the tests and surveys, the researchers could go over and determine the changes that took place in the brain activity in the prenatal and post-birth consulting visit. The women generally showed more brain cortex activity during post-birth in the case of pictures of babies but those women who showed more quantity of brain activity were the ones who had stronger bonds with their babies. According to the researchers these results suggest that the transition from pregnancy to motherhood is a period of plasticity in the brain cortex area as well as the reorganization of it, which is shown in some cases with more attention to their children and better bonds between mothers and children.

In a previous study it was found that the discovery of dopamine in the brain of recent mothers helped them to create a stronger bond with their babies so with this study we understand that the brain of women really change since pregnancy to facilitate the bond between mother and baby. Really curious indeed!

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