How to avoid a premature birth?

How to avoid a premature birth?

If your baby is born before time could suffer from complications such as breathing difficulties, high lung pressure, anemia, nutrition problems (inmature digestive system), intestinal inflammation, bleeding brain, hypoglycaemia and serious sight problems. In many occasions a nourishing probe is placed through the nose or mouth into the stomach. In the case of premature or sick babies the feeding is made through a vein until the child is stable enough to be fed normally. Your baby will be in an incubator for a period of time surrounded by tubes and machines that will help the baby to survive.

Prevention of premature births.

Some causes can be prevented others can be diagnosed and treated to avoid premature births. In other cases it is not possible to determine the cause.

Eat well.

Eat one to three fruits daily, at least one ration of vegetables or salad and avoid the excess of saturated grease (red meat) or refined sugars (sweet bread, commercial juices). It is important to eat a big quantity of Omega 3 (blue fish, nuts, pumpkin and dark green vegetables).

Medical instructions.Your doctor will prescribe a follicle acid supplement during at least one month before pregnancy to avoid neural tract problems in the baby .

Pay attention.  You should pay attention to any sign of birth threat, rest a lot and ask the doctor in case of any minimum doubt.

Go to the dentist. It is very important. A bad condition of teeth could bring a premature birth. The idea is to have perfect teeth before pregnancy.

Avoid tiredness and excess of work. You need to sleep at least eight hours at night and a little nap when possible. If you are pregnant you should not make a big effort to try to keep a physical or intellectual performance as you had before pregnancy.

Lead a quiet life. If you are stressed you have four times to have a premature baby. The hormones change and the defenses are weaker to fight a possible infection. It is useful to practice a method of relaxation or take yoga classes if your doctor tell you so.

Go to all the consulting dates. It allow the detection of problems that could arise and treat them on time. To identify a high risk pregnancy is important to have an appropriate prenatal control so pregnancy will finish properly.



If you feel any, run to the doctor.

Contrations. Your belly gets harder regularly and the pressure increases in a progressive way. Even if they are not hurtful, they are intensive enough to feel and force you to interrupt your activities.

-The vaginal flow changes its aspect, has some blood or is pink or brown.

-You start to feel a pressure in your pelvis as if the baby is pushing down.

-You have an intermittent pain in the lower back and could also appear associated with a hardness of the belly.

-Suffer from colics or pains similar to the ones you used to have during the days of your periods.

It is impossible to know exactly the cause of premature births, but the most frequents are:

-Kidney and heart diseases, diabetes, severe anaemias or thyroid alterations not treated.

-Multiple pregnancies or bad formation of the womb.

-Infections of the urinary systems furing pregnancy.

-Bad insertion of the placenta.

-Mother`s age: Less than 16 years or more than 35 years.


-Gestation diabetes.

-Toxic habits such as nicotine poisoning, alcohol or use of drugs.

-Bad nutrition before of during pregnancy.

-High blood pressure.

-Presence of protein in the urine after the 20 week.

-Physical stress.

-Bad formations in the fetus.

-A traumatism such as a strong blow or car accident.

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