How to be a mother with an ecological concience?

How to be a mother with an ecological concience?

The green wave that little by little is spreading around the world, where there is an ecological conscience leads to the child care field, with the use of friendly products for the environment and the application of certain measures.

Some specialists suspect that the increase in cancer, allergies, dermatitis and other health problems dis due to contamination and chemical elements that babies breath a absorb through the skin daily. Following you will find some advice on ecological habits.

  1. Use organic cloths made of vegetable fibers such as cotton, linen, wool and silk that have been cultivated without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The supporters of this kind of clothing think that theses fibers are healthier, less aggressive for the delicate skin of the baby and avoid the presence of allergies and other dermatological problems very common these days.
  2. Choose ecological diapers: According to the Agency for the Protection of the Environment (EPA) a traditional disposable diaper takes about 500 years to disintegrate due to the materials used in its manufacture (derivative of petroleum). This figure is alarming if we consider that only one child uses 4.500 diapers approximately during the first two years of life. Also, to manufacture them requires a high consumption of water, not removable energy and the use of raw materials coming from trees. The alternative is the biodegradable disposable diapers as well as reusable ones made of cloth.
  3. Buy organic furniture:  Even the bedroom of your baby could be ecological if you choose wood treated with varnishes and paints free of solvents. Luisa Cavanzo, industrial and interior designer explain that ecological furniture avoids the indiscriminate fell of trees as well as the use of gases and paints which damage the ozone layer and she promotes the use of biodegradable elements. Look for cradles made of ecological certified wood. The bed clothes and mattress can be manufactured with organic wool, cotton and other natural elements.
  4. Choose ecological games. Up to now to talk about this games meant essentially that they were made of natural or recycles materials, free of toxic elements as lead and arsenic but nowadays green games not only take into consideration the above mentioned characteristics but doll houses are already being sold with wind turbines and water receptors, cars are moved by solar energy so they do not require batteries or electrical energy to move. The importance that games do not require batteries is that when they run out end up in the garbage can and transform into contaminating elements that free heavy metals which affect in a negative way the environment.

Taking care of our planet has become a very important decision when choosing what to buy, asking ourselves, How was it produced? and as parents we have a lot of choises to make, if we want to jump on the green wave.


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