What are the benefits of massages during pregnancy?

What are the benefits of massages during pregnancy?

Despite pregnancy being a happy moment, it can also bring secondary and unpleasant discomforts, pain, and hormonal unbalance. Fortunately, there is a soft and sweet solution: massage.


Prenatal massage is body therapy that will help the future mother to feel better, reducing stress and tiredness.


Under appropriate care, it is a safe and non-invading therapy for some problems during pregnancy. Besides a relaxing effect, prenatal massage can bring great results such as:


Regulation of the hormones. Massages increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin. When these hormones are low in the body, the result is depression. The stress hormones, such as cortical and norepinephrine, are reduced during the massage.


Anti-stress. Prenatal massage helps to relax the body of the future mother relieving the physical and emotional stress, which could bring a comfortable delivery without tension. Recent studies have shown that women who suffer from stress during pregnancy could bring anxiety to the future son.


Reduces swelling. The swelling in pregnant women can be caused by the decrease of circulation and the pressure on the blood vessels by the uterus. The massage stimulates the soft tissues in our body, which helps reduces fluid retention. And also improve the removal of tissue waste by the lymphatic system.


Relief of the sciatic pain. Many women suffer from sciatic pain during pregnancy. Due to the localization of the womb in the body, the pressure expands on the pelvis' floor and legs. This constant pressure makes the muscles that surround this area, such as the gluteus and pyramidal, become inflamed. When these muscles are inflamed, press the sciatic nerve bringing severe pain in the whole leg. Prenatal massage reduces inflammation and frees the pressure on the sciatic nerve.


Improves sleep: Most women confirm they sleep better after a prenatal massage and can move effortlessly.


Relaxes the baby: During the massage, the body of the mother will be very relaxed, and the cardiac beat will be reduced to a calmer level. The baby will feel very relaxed and comfortable at the same time. What a better environment to bring a baby to the world than the one free of stress and disturbance?







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