Physical benefits of breast feeding for the baby

Physical benefits of breast feeding for the baby

For those future mothers who could have any doubts about breast feeding their babies, in the following article you will find a list of physical benefits that breast provides the baby.

Certainly, breast feeding provides the ideal nutrition for the babies. It has a mixture almost perfect of vitamins, proteins and fats. Everything the baby needs to grow up is provided by breast feeding in an easier way for the baby to digest than the child formula. Breast feeding also has important benefits for the mother. For example, it allows the burning of additional calories and reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Physical benefits of breast feeding for the baby.

1.-Breast feeding has benefits for premature babies. In the first place, maternal milk is the best medicine for all babies and also for premature babies. Breast feeding is the most natural way to provide the baby with the necessary nourishments for the child to grow and develop in a healthy way. They body of the mother automatically produces milk specially designed to feed a premature baby. Breast feeding improves the immune system of the baby also as well as digestion, development of the brain and general growth. Maternal milk helps to prevent infections and also the premature death of the baby.

2.-Less risk of illness. Also, breast feeding babies do not get sick frequently and have less risk of developing infections thanks to the antibodies provided by maternal milk. Unfortunately, the milk formula for babies implies a high risk of bacterial infection, when the hygiene and quality of the water are not the suitable ones. Also, breast feeding protects the child against infections and illnesses such as asthma, heart diseases and obesity as well as sudden death.

3.-Reduces the possibilities of using orthodontics. Breast feeding babies have a better facial muscular development as a result of breast suction. Contrary to those babies fed with child formula that have worst jaw alignment and probably will need orthodontic treatments as they grow up. Also, maternal milk helps in the prevention of tooth decay.

4.-Protects the baby against allergies. The proteins of human milk include antibodies that fight illnesses and other immune important properties. The babies who receive formula milk have more probabilities to have allergic reactions than breast fed babies. Certainly, maternal mil has many elements which benefit the immune system of the baby such as antibodies, enzymes, white corpuscles among others. The recent antibodies of the mother appear in her milk to protect the baby against the same infectious elements. It is good to remember that the production of maternal milk is according to the demand of the baby. So, as frequently as you feed your baby more milk will be produced.

Remember that human milk is the perfect natural product to feed your baby and is specially designed to promote the growth and development of your baby.

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