Relation between the emergency c-section and the post-birth depression

Relation between the emergency c-section and the post-birth depression

Thanks to the many studies and investigation carried out there is a lot of information about post-birth depression nowadays. For example, we know that it is the number one health problem during and after pregnancy and for that reason more work is being done every day to find the reasons that cause it.

According to a study published in the magazine Journal of Health Economics, one of the reasons is the way babies are born. Mothers who have a non-planned emergency c-section have more probabilities to suffer post-birth depression. 

The emergency c-section is the one performed when any complication appears during birth and in this case, it is the best for mother and child to resort to it. As we know, the c-section is not best for the baby and even though many doctors recommend to perform it although it is not necessary, the reality is that it should be performed under emergency situations.

According to the results of the study which analyzed the facts of 5.000 first-mothers in the United Kingdom, a non-planned or emergency c-section as a result of any complication during the birth increases 15% probability that the first-time mothers suffer from after birth depression, which is different from the ones who have a natural birth.

To reach this result, the mental health of mothers was analyzed during the first nine months after the birth of their children, taking into account that they had an emergency c-section, their mental health history, as well as the differences in the levels of resources and the staff they had during the hospital stay.

The researchers explain that with this study they contribute with the debate on the investigations of the possible effects that non-planned c-section can have in the health of mother during the after birth period and in this way improve the attention they get during this period.

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