Useful advice to bath your baby.

Useful advice to bath your baby.

The time of bath should be a moment of relaxation for the baby and the mother. Following you will find some advice to help you get ready for this beautiful experience.

Choose a place to bath the babe. Take into consideration that you will do it at least once a day during the following months and choose something comfortable: a high bathtub with legs is the better option. It is better if it is collapsible, so you will save space. You could also use a plastic bathtub and place it in the shower.

In the morning or at night? It is usual to bath the baby at the end of the afternoon but you can do it in the morning. You choose the hour just make sure it is always at the same time to create a habit. If you do it at night, it will help the babe to rest better. Bath the babe at the same hour but not after feeding.

A quiet moment. Remember that to bath the babe will take you a least one hour so finish everything you have to do and relax. Enjoy the bath with your baby so it will be perceived as a relaxing moment which will make the baby feel more confident.

Ask for help.

At least the first times so you will get more experience and confidence. It is convenient to have the help of another person to hold the head, get the towel or support the baby. It is better that father and mother do it together.

0-6 months. Take care of the water.

Do not fill the bathtub much 10 cm deep is enough. Besides saving water, the baby will feel more confident and will be easier for you to bath the baby since with a little water you can hold the baby better.

A room with good temperature. The temperature should be between 22 and 25ºC. If you use an electric heater put it far away from the bathtub, it is better to turn it on before, turn it off and unplug it before starting the bath. Do not expose the bay to electric current.

Prepare the bath in advance. Leave the baby in the cradle while you prepare the bath. Do not do it holding the baby and have everything at hand (soap, shampoo, gel, sponge) before putting the babe in the bathtub, as well as everything that will be necessary after the bath (towel, cream, diaper, clothes, etc.).

Get the older brother involved. The older brother could be a good assistant since it is a good opportunity to have a closer relationship with the new baby but if he is not interested in participating do not force him.

Undress the baby at the last moment.

Undress your baby from up to down, remove the diaper at the end. Clean the buttocks with a wet hypoallergic and free of perfume small towel before you put the baby in the bathtub to eliminate any dirt that could contaminate the water. Never keep the baby naked out of the water for more than one minute since the baby could get cold.

Hold the babe hard.

You should put a hand on the back of the baby so the head and back rest on your forearm and the hand should hold the baby under the armpit. With the other hand hold the buttocks and thighs. If you are sure that the buttocks are already at the bottom of the bathtub you can take out your hand.

Check the temperature of the water before putting the baby in the bathtub. The ideal temperature is between 29 and 33ºC. The bathtub thermometer is useful to make sure of it. Do not add more hot water while your baby is in the bathtub because is dangerous, you could burn your baby.

Use special products for child care. The products for hygiene used by adults could irritate the delicate skin of the babies. A few drops of liquid soap is enough in the first months. The sponge is not compulsory, you can wash your babe with your hand but if you use it, look for one of organic materials, rinse it after the bath and leave it in the open air to dry.

Never leave the babe alone.  It does not matter if the baby is newborn or older, if hardly moves or seats without help, or there is little water, or is with another brother, never leave the baby alone any moment!

Summon up patience and courage. It is not strange that your baby cries in the first incursions in the water, make sure that everything is all right (temperature, posture, soap in the face) do not desperate, the baby will not want to leave the bathtub soon.

Fun bath. If the baby sits, you can bath him in a big bathtub. If the baby has an older brother they will have a lot of fun together playing in the water. An antiskid runner is basic to avoid skidding.

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