What is a baby shower and how to organize it?

What is a baby shower and how to organize it?

A baby shower is an English term to define a party for pregnant women (mostly first-time mothers) to celebrate and welcome the new baby that is about to come. It is a popular tradition that comes from United States.

During these parties the main characters are the mother and the baby that is about to come and purpose of the event is to get the clothes and things that the baby will need when born.

Who organizes the baby shower?

According to the tradition the organization of the baby shower should be in charge of somebody near the mother, not family to avoid the invited persons to think that the family is asking for presents. The ideal is a mother’s friend, the godmother or a work partner. Nowadays there are special agencies which take care of these events which are very useful and could be of great help.

Amazon offers a birth list that can be personalized choosing the products that you need for your baby which will make it easier for the guests to buy a little present as they come to the party.


The mothers too can get started and be the ones who prepare the party. Another option is to be aware of everything but only help the organizer by providing their personal choices. ¡At the end the mothers are the hosts!

There is the variety of the surprise babe shower. In this case, the organization will be in charge of the organizer. She will be the one to investigate the mother’s tastes asking her sisters, sisters in law and intimate friends. Of course, she should not suspect absolutely anything. A total investigation where nothing could fail.

List of guests. Who comes to the party?

It is a party on which the most important matter is that the mother feels comfortable so to follow this idea to make the list of guests will be easier. You have to take into account that it is important the presence of the people with whom she truly can share the happiness of becoming a mother. Family, intimate friends, work partners, etc. We recommend that for this task the role of the father can be important. He can give you clues and save you any embarrassment.

Nowadays, there are many possibilities at the time to choose the invitations for your baby shower. They can be made by you or what is the same DIY which is in fashion. You decide the decoration of the invitation cards. They will have to be in agreement with the subject matter of the party. In this case, any children’s subjects as little cars, balloons or clouds in soft color will be ideal.

Another option is to choose the new technologies and select electronic invitations. They are practical and easy and you can make them yourself. In case you choose this option, our advice is for you to create an only electronic mail account to send the invitations, so you can have all the answers in the same chain of communications.

Thematic party. Baby showers are children thematic parties by themselves. Everything is around the new baby to come and full fill his necessities when born. But if you want to be more special, you can choose a thematic subject according to the deepest tastes of the mother.

The decoration in a baby shower. The decoration is one of the most cared subjects in the baby showers and will be the key for a perfect aesthetic. There are infinitive possibilities and will depend on the place where the babe shower takes place. In this case, food is an important element of decoration: cupcakes, cakes that are a work of art, colorful tablecloths, decoration objects according to the thematic subject such as muffins, cake pops, lollipops. Everything is all right.

Have juices and soft drinks to drink. ¡Of course without alcohol!

Time of gifts.  There are stores that can make the list of gifts for baby showers as the case of wedding lists. In this case, for you to take note, the main gifts are frequently: little rocking chairs, clothes of every kind, portable computers, baby carriers, diaper carriers with elemental accessories, a little bathtube with accessories, fairy tale books. If at the end you decide to choose a list of little gifts for the babe shower, what is common is to put an account number in the invitation card, as it is common for wedding lists.

If you choose a family party, it will not be necessary to ask the guests for gifts. They will out of love for the mother and the future baby choose to bring a detail for the event.

But we also should think of a little gratitude detail for the guests to thank them for coming to the party.

You just have to be a little bit creative and join the last tendencies in this kind of parties. ¿Will you cheer up and organize your own party?

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