What to expect after a c-section?

What to expect after a c-section?

Although the most natural way of giving birth is the vaginal one in many opportunities the risk for the mother´s and fetus´ health lead doctors to perform a c-section as a preventive measure. It is a surgical cut in the belly and womb of the mother that can be performed in a planned way or an emergency.

How are the moments after a c-section?

The c-section is a mayor surgery which is not without any risk or complications.

It is important toThe woman will stay 2 or 4 days at the hospital and some weeks at home until she feels completely recovered. The post-surgery for a c-section is slower than the recovery of a vaginal birth and requires special care.

The main discomforts after a c-section are:

-Sore area. During the first 224 hours it is normal to feel the area of the belly numb and sore. Especially when laughing, coughing or sneezing. It is important to hold the incision with the hands to avoid a strong impact on the belly.

-Paralyzed digestive system: Due to anesthesia the intestines get slower so digestion is difficult for that reason, the intravenous probe for the serum should be kept during 12 hours.

Doctors recommend to take liquids and light food as soon as possible for the quick normalization of the intestinal process. Depending on the appreciation of each doctor, this process can be done 6 or 8 hours after the surgery or a longer period.

The paralyzed intestines also bring the accumulation of gases so it is advisable to walk and in the case of strong disturbances, ask the doctor for a special medicine to get rid of them.

Difficulties to urinate.

The anesthesia can make the urination process difficult. It is convenient to urinate frequently since it helps to keep the bladder empty and reduce the pressure in the wound.

Swollen scar. During the first hours a swollen scar can be seen in the area of the c-section, the nurse will proceed to cure it frequently with water, neutral soap and maybe an antiseptic.

Loss of blood. There is a loss of blood during the first hours after birth similar to the vaginal birth.

Care of the baby. The c-section does not disable the woman (she will only need some help with some tasks). After the surgery the mother goes to a recovery room where she is with her baby to take care.

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