Why do fathers get fat during pregnancy?

Why do fathers get fat during pregnancy?

It is strange to think that the future father will also need to buy cloths but is not so crazy considering a British study which show that men gain weight during the pregnancy of the partner a measure of 6.3 kg which is a considerable figure.

A survey of 5.000 men in Great Britain by an advertising company got unexpected results confirming that an increase of weight was a problem for them also.

The average increase of weight was about 6.35 kg. at the end of the partner`s pregnancy which equals 5 cm of increased waist.  25% of men told that they had needed to buy clothes for pre-fathers and many of them were not aware of the increase of weight until they realized it.

Why does an increase of weight take place for the future father?

The conclusions of the above mentioned and unique study were

-Solidarity with the pregnant woman.

-25% of British fathers told that the fact that future mothers increased their daily ingestion of food incited that men wished to avoid the possible guilt of the future mother having more food in the same way. The problem rested on the ingestion of less healthy food.

-The tendency of pregnant women to cook a big quantity of food.

-In some cases men told that women during pregnancy increased the quantity of cooked food for her and the rest of the family.

-Increase of snacks at home. A high percentage of men realized that during pregnancy they ate a big quantity of less healthy snacks such as pizzas, beer, chocolate and french fries.

-Go to a lot of restaurants. Many men corroborated an increase of visits to restaurants on where the ingestion of food was superior to the one at home. The purpose was to enjoy the time with their partners.

What are the conclusions of this study? First of all, it is important to realize that pregnancy has an important impact on the partner which is unnoticed many times. Also, besides the increase in the ingestion of food men could suffer from stress and other changes which require attention.

Future fathers are a fundamental support for the woman during pregnancy. They should understand, support and give strength to their partners who are in a special moment. Nevertheless, they also have necessities, fears and weaknesses which they do not express or share with anybody that could bring anguish or anxiety. The bilateral communication is an important tool for the balance of both members of the couple during pregnancy.

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