Helping the community


One of the values of Babytom is giving, and from the willing to help people in need. Babytom was looking for a charity to support. After an extensive research, Babytom decided to help International Rescue Committee (IRC). They are a non-profit organization, that rescue lives in danger around the world. They provide Health, safety, education, economic wellbeing and empower marginal communities, women and girls by informing them of their rights, working with local government and non-state institutions.

The fact that they rank incredible high in the charity ranking, gives us the confident that they are using the money we provide for the porpoise they are supposed to use it. Help people in need.

We decided to celebrate our launch by helping 15 “Safe Birth”. And this is just the beginning…

Safe Birth is there, where in the middle of war and disaster, mothers still give birth, despite the chaos around them. In places where outbreaks of violence can cut off access to health care, child birth is at risk. IRC’s team makes sure that women living through emergency situations can deliver babies safely. Access to a skilled health worker, emergency transport to a hospital and medicine. It can make all the difference for a new mom and her baby. 

We would like to keep helping on causes like this one.

With your help. We will reach more people in need. To make from this planet, a better place for our babies, to live in.

To learn more about the chosen charity. Please visit: