Gift Sets

We offer a selection of Premium quality “Gift sets” for the layette set of your Newborn Baby. 

It includes: Our selective gift box made with a beige satin ribbon to close it with a bow. Tissue paper matching colors with the box’s style, an elegant closed with our logo sticker. And a “Thank you card” to let you know how much we appreciate your choice.

Our selective gift box was specially designed for you, to give to your gift this touch of unique design, quality terminations and sustainable value, they are 100% recyclable.

Our gift boxes are made with 100% Kraft paper, no lamination. This is because, lamination is plastic, and plastic is not good for the health of our planet. We choose 100% kraft box, because we have a commitment to you and the environment. We are always looking for ways to make things as sustainable and ethically as we possibly can. 

We hope you like them!