Our Story


Welcome to Babytom! 

I can still close my eyes and see myself sitting in the living room in our apartment in Buenos Aires, holding my baby Tomas in my arms and dreaming about a brand that would, one day, take his name …

Hello! My name is Mariana Arrivillaga, the mom of Babytom.

Tomas was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in February 2010. Together with Tomy, there came important life decisions and changes: I decided to leave aside my profession, devote myself to motherhood, and to follow my husband in his international professional career. While we completed our family of 5.

Wondering how to combine my professional ambitions with motherhood, and with this constantly moving life of ours. This is how the idea of Babytom was born: an international project that would be part of our adventures, and which would be enriched by every new destination. “Giving” to children in needs in every step of the way, as a business standard.

I came across the “Pima cotton” while shopping for Tomy’s layette and up to the present day, I haven’t been able to find a fabric that can be compared to its unparalleled softness. Pima cotton was my first choice when looking for my three babies’ clothing, although it wasn’t always easy to find.

In 2015, life took us to a small city in Scotland. We lived next to a community where they raised their own animals biodynamically and harvested their own organic fruits and vegetables. We had the chance to experience in our own flesh that awareness of the organic, the healthy, the respect for nature and the others.

It turned out that this was the right place to start building what today is Babytom, and to convey through our brand those beautiful values we incorporated throughout our experiences.

It became clear to us that it was important to not only use the “Pima cotton”, but also “Organic cotton”, and make our products in a transparent, sustainable and ethically way, while “giving” to children and mothers in need a part of what we receive from you, by donating 10% of our earnings to help them.

Babytom is baby clothing made of 100% organic Pima cotton certified by GOTS. A widely known institutions such as GOTS certifies that both the clothes’ quality and its manufacturing process respect the values of the organic.
With the Pima cotton silky touch, with the values that the Organic represents, and with love for Babies, Babytom is for you.


Our Mission

We are committed to give your baby the softest and healthiest clothing in the world. Design, quality and comfort is our aim. We do it in a transparent, sustainable and ethically way. While giving to children in vulnerable situations around the world, by donating 10% of our earnings to help them.
Everything we do is thinking of your Baby, the planet and people’s wellbeing.
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How we help

Every purchase you make, contribute to encourage a sustainable and ethical way of doing business. And, 10% of our earnings, goes to help mothers and children in vulnerable situations around the world. We already helped 15 mother and babies to have a safe birth through IRC "Safe Birth" Charity. (Find out more in Babytom - Helping the community).
Thanks for choosing Babytom. We came to make a difference, a better world for our babies to enjoy. And we will do it with you.
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The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ensures standards of ethical and sustainable values in all the stages of production that involve the raw cotton, yarn, fabric, safe fabric finish, the manufacturing process and fair treatment of workers all along the way. This certification guarantees eco-friendly and socially responsible criteria. The factory where our products are made, are inspected annually to maintain the GOTS certification.
This standard is the most demanding on the latest sustainable textile trends, regarding environmental practices, fair trade and controls the use of eco-friendly inputs that respects the workers and the final consumer.


The cotton used for our garments is organic and is certified by the Department of Agriculture of the United States (NOP). Which guarantee that it meet the USDA standard requirements, preserving the biodiversity, not use genetically modified seeds (GMO) or chemical fertilizers and pesticides.