Why is Babytom Special?

Attributes that make Babytom Special.

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Our Pima cotton is cultivated in organic farms in Peru, free of pesticides or fertilizers. The supply of water for irrigation comes through raining and melting water from the Andes mountains. 

Our eco-white fabric is whitened using an oxygen-based whitening process (No chlorine bleaching). Which degrade easily in rivers or ground. It is not harmful to your baby while respecting the environment.






Our Pima cotton, Gossypium barbadense, also known as extra-long staple cotton. Is a plant that grows cotton with unusually long, silky fibers. The quality of the fiber, the silky texture and the softest touch you will ever feel in a fabric. Are the main ingredients to make our products special and unique. 



Our clothes are carefully designed from a MOM to a MOM; you will find several desirable attributes in the design of our clothes, for which you and your baby will be thankful.

The quality of our fabric and the attention we pay to the details in the design of our clothes make from Babytom an exclusive brand for newborn babies.

We chose to make our clothes with the best cotton in the market nowadays — the ultra-soft, well-known, PIMA cotton. The softest cotton you will ever feel in a piece of fabric.




Because we choose a transparent, sustainable, and ethical way of doing business, our clothes are GOTS certified, which means that we can guarantee that they are completely healthy for your baby and the planet and that they are produced under decent working conditions.

To obtain the certification, regular inspections are made by third parties during the entire manufacturing process, from the seed to the final product. The use of toxic chemicals commonly used in the production of clothes, is prohibited. There are restrictions on wastewater treatment. There are procedures to reduce water and energy consumption. There is a strict social criterion based on the critical norms of the "International labor organization" to guarantee a minimal salary, no children work, no discrimination, and safe working conditions.

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Babytom feels the responsibility of being a business working in a community and for a community. We want to help to make our planet a better place for our babies when they grow up. We decided to help with 10% of our earnings to pregnant moms to give birth in a secure environment. For the safety of the mom and the baby. We chose a charity called IRC (International Rescue Committe), and we already helped 15 moms to give birth to their babies in safe conditions. Because in places in war or other disasters, mom still gives birth and need our help.