BABY NEUTRAL - 2-Pack Organic Pima cotton Baby Unisex Double-layer Blankets

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VALUE PACK INCLUDES 2 super-soft double-layer Blankets. Embroidered in three different colors: eco-white, pink and blue. Sizes: ONE SIZE (27 x 29in/70cm x 75cm). Our 100% GOTS Certified Organic Pima cotton BLANKETS is a must-have in the layette of your newborn baby. They are 100% organic, chemical-free, and eco-friendly, taking good care of the health of your baby and the health of the planet at the same time

Sleep under a super soft 100% organic Pima cotton, is an experience for which your baby will be thankful. We designed it with two layers of Pima cotton, to include an extra layer of cozy warmth. It will promote longer restful sleep for your baby, that all moms and dads will appreciate. 

Our double layer blankets have several attributes you will love: 

1) We make them using a super soft natural fiber, Pima cotton. 

2)They are hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect for babies and their super sensitive skin, avoiding rash and irritation. 

3) Our cotton blankets are great for summer as well as winter. Because of their breathability, it helps regulate the temperature and keep your baby cool on a hot night and warn on a cold one.

Our blankets are GOTS certified, which means that they meet the highest quality standards in the world. We focus on caring for the baby and his or her thin and vulnerable skin, the planet's health, and people involved in the production process of the clothes. 

The Pima cotton holds up well to repeated washing. It can be passed down to siblings and still maintain their appeal during the years, and with the minimalist design of our blankets, they will never be out of style.

If your baby is premature, he or she may still need another layer of clothing until the weight reaches that of a full-term baby. And his or her body is better able to adjust to changes in temperature. So our double layer blankets are an excellent way to give them the extra warmth they need.

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